Dixon’s Distilled Spirits

Label Redesign and Marketing Strategy for Dixon’s Distilled Spirits

Community support and growth have been a core brand block for Guelph-based Dixon’s Distilled Spirits since it distilled its first bottle in 2013. Since then, the company has enjoyed increased recognition locally (and more broadly across Canada).

So, it was in 2019 that they chose a local company (us!) to redesign the labels of their full line of hand-crafted vodkas, gins and speciality spirits. Since that time, our partnership has “fermented” into a large body of project work that remains a key point of pride for our company. We “heart” Dixon’s (the people and the gin).

Beginning with a tweaking of the existing brand and marketing strategy, we have also collaborated with their team on:

  • Live Instagram events
  • Radio, television, digital media and social media ad campaigns
  • Video series
  • Public relations campaign
  • Sponsorship of the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association
  • Display and vehicle graphics
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Sub-branding of a disinfectant and sanitizer line
  • Website (programming and content support)


“Looks great! Gets better all the time.”

JD, Principal
Dixon’s Distilled Spirits

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