Technology can put you out of business

The internet has made certain businesses practically unnecessary, like music CD stores, movie rental stores and travel agencies. Others (for example, Yellow Pages, phone companies and retail stores) have had to take a much closer look at how they operate in an environment where they can become redundant almost overnight…

Before the internet, my husband and I had to rely on travel agents to book flights. Now, we can book an entire trip from the comfort of our living room. If we’re not sure about a choice, we can consult other traveller’s reviews (some posted just days, or minutes, earlier). We can also book things (transportation, accommodations, and more) directly with providers in the countries we plan to visit. We prefer to book things ourselves because we can customize our vacation, and our travel dollars are spent with the locals in the countries we visit.

Technology has offered me more flexibility, information and choices.

Ask yourself how you can use technology to give your clients more flexibility, information and choices. If you don’t, someone else probably will!

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