Should you use a password manager?

Managing passwords for yourself can be a challenge, but if you’re responsible for keeping track of passwords for your whole family – or organization – it can become a very time-consuming and frustrating job.

I’ve been using LastPass, both to manage my personal and our company passwords, for over four years now and I highly recommend it!

Here are just some of the reasons I love it:

  • All passwords are stored in one place.
  • Passwords are stored online, so they can be accessed from anywhere. (You can export them and print them if you feel better keeping a hard copy somewhere)
  • Users only need to create/remember one password (their password for LastPass). All other passwords are stored within LastPass. This encourages the use of unique passwords since users don’t have to remember each password.
  • Managing staff passwords (sharing passwords, disabling users…) is simplified, especially during staff turnover.
  • Secure notes can be used for passwords that are not website logins, or for other information you want to securely record somewhere.
  • Passwords can easily be shared with others (your family, your colleagues, or even people from another organization).
  • When a password changes, it only needs to be changed in one location (the change will affect all users who have access; no communication required).
  • LastPass warns users if a weak password is used. It will generate strong passwords if users prefer not to think them up themselves.
  • A personal LastPass account can be linked to an Enterprise account (the account used for businesses), so staff can keep their personal passwords completely separate from their work passwords (and take them with them when they leave) but still have easy access to all their passwords at work, if they want to.

You can choose the free option, or one of the others, listed here.

NOTE: This is not an endorsed product recommendation. I am in no way affiliated with LastPass. I’m just a happy customer.

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