Big Solutions for Small Businesses

Bensol specializes in employee health and life insurance benefits programs, and related insurance products for business owners. Our team has worked alongside Michele Mactaggart, President, since her business launched in 2004.

In a business category that can seem very same-same between competitors, our job has been to help Bensol stand out. Market research and Michele’s experience identified a gap in the small business category, as companies with fewer employees are often less attractive to insurers looking for large premiums for large groups.

Bensol’s branding strategy leans into this gap – Benefit solutions for small businesses. Our work together – ranging from sales materials, traditional advertising, email, web and digital marketing, blogging, and corporate responsibility campaigns, all empathize with small business owners and offer informative information and solutions that are cost- and time-effective for them. Michele’s commitment – to treat customers as anything but a number – is foundational in our messaging. Like the entrepreneurs Bensol targets, we’re not afraid to be playful, creative and fun while still getting the message across.

As the company looks to its 20th anniversary, they are celebrating steady growth and a strong reputation as a caring community business that is dedicated to exceptional customer service.

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