Stenna Berry

Senior Art Director

If you’re faced with a difficult design challenge, you want Stenna in your corner! She stays calm in a pinch, and can think on her feet, quickly providing creative approaches that turn a predicament into a communications win.

As The Letter M’s Senior Art Director, Stenna brings valuable design skills and experience, honed through thousands of unique projects across both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors. Her clean and contemporary style brings both a focus to key information and a natural flow and balance.

She’s great at starting with a client’s design vision and evolving it to the next level in a way that attracts audiences, presents information in a memorable way and strengthens a brand. At the core of this is a strong understanding of strategy – Stenna will always ask “what is this design project trying to accomplish?” in order to ensure her work aligns with overall goals and objectives.

Outside of work, Stenna puts her creativity to use experimenting with photography and food. She also loves to travel and is always up for an adventure.

Fun fact: Swimming with sharks is on Stenna’s bucket list.

  519.836.6183  x:232