Nik MacMillan

Video & Animation Partner

When we need to communicate or tell a story using video and animation, we turn to the expertise of Nik MacMillan. While attending school, Nik helped musician friends with the creative for their albums and songs and became interested in video design. Video became his passion as it has the advantage of being more engaging and memorable than other mediums. It quickly became apparent that his honed skills were easily transferred to help clients reach their audience in a meaningful way.

Nik’s goal is to tell meaningful stories through videos that inspire. He enjoys helping brands find their voice and bring their ideas to life. He starts with a client’s idea, asks lots of questions to clearly understand the intended result and application, then works collaboratively with our team and our clients to build a creative, focused video to accomplish those goals.

In his everyday life, Nik loves to check out the ever-changing technologies and see how he can incorporate them into his work while challenging his craft as a designer. He also likes to focus on his more artistic side, and one day hopes to produce a film on his own.

Fun Fact: When he was 11, Nik starred in a web series. The experience ignited a love for acting and film.


Nik MacMillan