Natasha Paterson

Operations Manager

As an avid traveller (having visited 44 countries), Natasha knows the value of showing no fear in the face of a challenge.

This comes in handy because, as The Letter M’s Operations Manager, she is responsible for all of our administrative and client support services. Her ability to take charge and get something done when the situation calls for it is critical to support our client commitment to delivering on time, on target and on budget.

Natasha’s calm and methodical approach to any complex problem thrown at her (usually something no one else wants to tackle, and something she may not even initially understand herself) is to gather the facts, get opinions from experts when necessary and present simplified options on how to handle it.

Natasha’s ability to focus is enviable, and a valuable commodity for our clients, although it can be challenging to achieve in our bustling office. She works best when she is able to block out for sessions of extreme focus using the Pomodoro Technique (20-25 minutes of focus, and then a short break).

In her spare time away from making all our lives easier, Natasha is all about new experiences, travelling the globe to recharge and draw inspiration.

Fun fact: Natasha is one of 13 siblings.

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Natasha Paterson