Julie Brown-Hallman

Art Director

If you need a creative mind and an expert eye, Julie is your answer for visual communications that stand out and strike the necessary balance with a clean, simple aesthetic.

As one of The Letter M’s Art Directors, Julie is involved in a project’s visual development from the get-go. She approaches her work with great detail, research and care to ensure a fulsome understanding of the particular communications challenge, and she also injects a joy that allows her to tackle a project with energy.

Julie always uses a client’s design preferences and brand style or guidelines as a starting point to help inform her ideas, which ensures that her finished work fits seamlessly with existing brand communications. And while drawing from a strong strategic vision as the foundation of any design project, Julie also gains inspiration from online design research, magazines, art, and fashion as well as the title sequences and production design in movies and television.

Outside the office, Julie enjoys playing with her kids, watching movies (current or classic) with family and friends, a good yoga flow in the morning and a glass of red wine in the evening.

Fun fact: Julie has a twin sister who’s also a graphic designer!

  519.836.6183  x:226