Cathy MacMillan

Chief Operating Officer

Any team is only as effective as its culture and the wellbeing of the people who work there every day. This is where Cathy stands tall, despite her 4’10” stature!

Cathy and Doug fell in love at a summer camp, and “camp” values guide the way at TLM: cooperation, trust, communication and fun. Cathy leads the charge in creating this environment, ensuring staff have flexibility, good health, and time to step away from their work and play. Our annual “MFest” staff party is always a blast, thanks to Cathy’s creative flair and amazing organizational skills.

Cathy also oversees “all of the little things” that are too numerous to mention, and too essential to ignore. In 2006, she was recognized as a YMCA-YWCA of Guelph Women of Distinction honoree for her commitment to creating a healthy workplace.

Outside of work, Cathy loves to read, and listen to audio books, and host book club meetings with her friends.

Fun fact: Cathy was once a contestant on the gameshow Supermarket Sweep.

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Cathy MacMillan