Visual Identity for Halton District Schoolboard

1 vision. 3 pillars. 6 values. 12 goals. 29 actions. The Halton District School Board’s (HDSB) far-reaching, integrated and future-focused Multi-Year Plan has big ideas with big stakes.

Our team at The Letter M worked with the Board to deliver a focused, progressive and results-oriented communication strategy to support the Plan with ongoing board messaging and communications. The foundation of our work together was a comprehensive discovery phase:

  • 103 school audits (material, digital, social, media)
  • Key informant interviews
  • Best practice analysis
  • Community workshops
  • Student engagement stream

Following this, our team updated the Board’s Brand Guidelines to reflect the new positioning and designed a series of Google Docs templates in order to encourage a consistent, professional visual identity for the Board at the school level.


“Your strategy really helped us gain a great deal of momentum around various aspects with respect to building and promoting our revitalized brand. The ideas and materials you provided have been extremely useful in providing a fresh and unified approach towards branding and marketing the HDSB. Thank you for the great work.”

Rob Eatough
Superintendent of Education Communications, Equity & School Operations
Halton District School Board

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