Rebrand, Strategy and Implemenation for AtlasCare

Too hot? Too cold? Just right! When the weather outside is frosty or steamy, we tend to huddle inside our temperature-controlled offices and homes. But what happens when the boiler, furnace or air conditioner goes on the fritz? AtlasCare – southern Ontario’s largest independent heating, cooling and plumbing contractor – to the rescue!

For nearly 20 years, our team has helped build a distinctive, powerful brand for this company based on the traditional values that founded the business way back in the 1930s. Standing out with their powerful commitment to treating humans with respect and care, exceeding customer expectations and building a stronger community through their Care to Share program (one of our prouder branding moments), AtlasCare is thriving in a highly-competitive field.

As one of two agencies of record (alongside a specialist digital agency) we have helped AtlasCare to build and promote its strong presence through:

  • Clear and strong brand identity, visual style and voice
  • Advertising and communications strategy and support
  • Sales promotion strategies and execution
  • Resonant customer and community public relations



“I have known and worked with Doug MacMillan at the Letter M for over 20 years. Doug’s grasp of the nuances of communication have helped us translate a technical subject (HVAC) into an easily understood matter that educates homeowners so they can make informed decisions about the right thing to do for themselves in their homes. It has been a great partnership.”

Roger Grochmal, CEO

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