Branding for MacGregors Meat and Seafood Ltd.

What’s cooking? The food marketing system. Including food service and food retailing, it contributes to millions of dollars worth of food sales each year. And if that food is from MacGregors Meat & Seafood, you know that it’ll be good.

In the late 1990s, MacGregors Meat and Seafood was faced with a positioning challenge: as a newcomer, how could they define a new grocery category in a business dominated by conglomerates? The answer: creating a unique niche and sticking to carefully-crafted messaging.

Our team was brought in to create a name, package design and positioning for MacGregors’ category of quality pre-cooked entrees. Through numerous discussions with the project team, the key points of differentiation in their marketplace and their unique value was examined: the essence of their brand is about upscale convenience. Enter the “44th Street” brand: “Fine dining in a fast-paced world”. Now a well-established grocery brand, 44th Street has more than tripled its national sales targets and are a familiar presence in higher-value grocery stores across Canada.

Our team has also developed and helped launch a number of MacGregors sub-brands, creating brand identities, package designs and supporting point-of-sale collaterals. These have included The Happy Fish Co. and, more recently, North Country Cookhouse.

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