Communications strategy and branding projects for City of Oshawa

The City of Oshawa understood the importance of being proactive, not reactive. Their leadership team recognized the value in a thorough review and overhaul of its Corporate Communications Strategy. In came, The Letter M.

Our process starts with deep discovery work including audits, research and conversations. As noted in the City’s Strategic Plan (2015-19), “collaborative” is a core value, and “deliberate community engagement” a strategic theme, so we put that at the core of our methodology:

  • City stakeholder interviews: one-on-one, in-person
  • Municipal interviews: one-on-one with communicators at other municipalities
  • Roundtable: with members of Council and the Corporate Leadership Team
  • Focus groups: both staff and communication professionals from the community
  • Public survey: testing initial assumptions

The robust engagement research pointed the way and after reviewing all these inputs, our team created a five-year communications plan that included resource and staffing recommendations. The Letter M continued to partner with the City of Oshawa on a 2018 municipal election brand and communications plan, and a visual identity for the TeachingCity collaboration between the City and its education and research partners.

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