Valerie Chong

Account Manager

Even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking to achieve in your marketing and communications, Valerie can help you break down your ideas until a clear picture emerges.

As the newest member of The Letter M’s team, Valerie brings a fresh and focused eye. In her role as Account Manager, Valerie serves as a problem solver for clients tackling complex communication challenges. A great listener, with a commitment to communicating clearly, she also possesses strong skills in digital strategy development and concise content development.

Valerie’s process is to break each challenge into sections, define big and small goals, and gather all necessary information to fuel initial discovery. But she’s also great at taking a step back, thinking big picture, and reassessing to ensure that everything is working towards defined goals.

Outside of work, Valerie is passionate about the environment and strives to live an eco-friendly life by refusing single-use plastics as much as possible in her daily life. This year, she hopes to learn more about incorporating sustainability into her cooking through creative recipes and by buying bulk or local fresh ingredients.

Fun fact: Valerie enjoys recreational Latin dancing and her favourite style is bachata!

   519 836 6183 x 223
Valerie Chong