How to write web content with keyword intent in mind

When a user searches the internet, they usually have an “intent” (a reason for searching). Understanding why users search for your content will help you write better copy and use better keywords. Below are four types of “keyword intent”.


When the user just needs to get somewhere… on a site or literally.

  • i.e. “Letter M Blog”; “McDonald’s Near Me”


When the user’s intent is to get information.

  • i.e. “How to make a cappuccino”, “How to grow a conversion rate”
  • Earmarked by specific keyword wrappers
    • Best ways to
    • How to
    • I need to
    • Where to
    • How
    • How do
    • What is


When the user is mining information about a certain niche product or service but is NOT ready to buy.

  • i.e. “Best five-wheeled bikes”, “Macbook Pro models”
  • Earmarked by specific keyword wrappers
    • Compare
    • Compare to
    • Best
    • Best of
    • Alternative
    • For kids / men / women
    • Review


When the user is ready to make a purchase.

  • i.e. “Flights to New York buy”, “Subscribe to NetFlix”
  • Earmarked by specific keyword wrappers
    • Buy
    • Buy online
    • Discount
    • For sale
    • For cheap
    • Promo code

Intent is undoubtedly a critical component when it comes to drafting copy that works. It helps you meet user needs and match your content to end goals. If you need help writing compelling web content, contact The Letter M at

Les Patterson of Insignis Design.

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