Four reasons to work from home

Until recently, I didn’t like working from home. I tried it a few times (years ago) and felt I was more productive in the office. However, earlier this year I decided to give it another try and I’ve completely changed my tune!

There are many reasons working in the office make sense (which is why I usually do), but here are four reasons I recommend working from home occasionally:

Produce high-quality work

Research shows that people are most productive during the first two hours after becoming fully awake. Sadly, many of us use that time to read the news, pack lunches, decide what to wear and drive to work. When you work from home, you can jump right into a difficult task first thing in the morning and give it the best hours of your day.

Accomplish more

Constant interruptions seriously hinder productivity. After each interruption, it takes time to re-focus on what you were doing. (The more complex the task, the longer it takes.) In an office full of people, especially an open office environment, interruptions are unavoidable. When you work from home, you can work in intervals of complete focus, separated by short breaks. This is a proven technique to accomplish a lot.

Be happier during work

Working from home can make you feel “at home” while you work. Wear what you want. Whip up a nice lunch in your own kitchen and just throw the dishes in the dishwasher. Play inspiring music without distracting others. Leave office politics at the office for a day. Work where you want – if it’s a beautiful summer day, take your laptop out on your deck. If it’s a cold winter day, work on the couch by the fire with a hot chocolate.

Be happier after work

After a long day at work, you probably don’t look forward to cooking supper and cleaning the house. But when you work from home you create extra time in your schedule by eliminating the time usually spent getting ready, chatting with co-workers, commuting to work…. Use this extra time to tidy up, make that personal call you’ve been putting off, or start supper. You’ll expend the same amount of energy as you would on a normal work day, but your evening will be more relaxing.

If you’ve never tried working from home (or if it’s been a while), why not give it a try?

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