Following the trends

Attempting to follow the trends in marketing these days may seem a little like blowing bubbles from one of those little wands and then trying to keep your eye on them all: some swirl around a while, some pop quickly while others seem to change shape before your eyes.

However, this is the season for prognostication and HubSpot recently released its annual trends report for 2023. Here are a few highlights we found interesting:

  1. Short-form videos will continue to grow in 2023. Not only do one-third of marketers use them, but they also have the highest ROI compared to other trends.
  2. Content marketing continues to rule over sales-only messaging: storytelling and richly value-added information fuels SEO and builds credibility.
  3. Influencer marketing will mature beyond product flashes on Insta feeds to better leverage podcasts, collaboration and content creators (and their networks).
  4. Social media remains the top marketing channel, beating out the rest by 42%. The most used social media platforms are Instagram and YouTube. My bet: TikTok is about to explode (see #1 above).

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