Fall Fashion Trends

Guest Post by Claire Sutherns

There is more to a corporate brand than simply its appearance, though how it is displayed can often unveil the true identity of a brand. An individual’s personal brand is established through the reputation they cultivate and the impression they make. And although not everyone puts the same effort or thought into their fashion, it does contribute to who they are or who they want to be: their “brand”. So rather than “judging” an individual solely on the basis of their appearance, we should explore what their fashion is telling us about their personal brand.

I recently read the Fall Fashion Report: the 80’s, statement pieces, and satin are in. Maybe it’s because I work in marketing, but I am drawn to exploring what each piece or trend is telling me from a branding perspective. One aspect of these fashion trends that stood out to me was the versatility within them. Each piece can be worn numerous ways, allowing an individual to release their inner creativity. Whether it’s a cape, or plaid, there are a variety of ways to showcase a trend to align with an individual’s brand.

The other aspect that I am often drawn to is the colours. It’s the time of year when the Pantone Autumn/Winter Colour Trend Report is released, so comparing the trends is always interesting. This fall, bold and vivid colours are popular, specifically rich, dark colours, along with oranges and browns. These align with the bold fashion trends – as evident specifically through the feather, gold standard and bold shoulder trends.

What is your fashion telling others about your personal brand? Next time you are debating between an itty-bitty bag and asymmetrical neckline, examine why you choose your fashion pieces the way you do. Maybe it’s an inside look into your personal brand.

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