While everyone thinks that we right-brain creative types thrive on not following rules, there are some basic design guidelines we follow – and you can, too.

Most of us refer to user feedback regularly. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t take advantage of feedback forums – even when they don’t cost a cent.

I love a good list. As a kid, my sister mocked me for being a Lister. So what better list for me to share than a rundown of Design Dos and Don’ts?

Guest Post by Julie Brown-Hallman Once upon a time there was a beautiful serif font… … that became one of the most famous fonts in the land. Designed by Claude Garamond, born in 1530, the little font was used in many books and put forth a new generation of fonts including, Sabon. Everyone knows the classic… Read Full Article »

Planning for the worst doesn’t tend to land at the top of many companies’ communications priorities. However, knowing how to manage a crisis is increasingly important.

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