Author: Stacey McCarthy

Determine if something was written by AI or a human: one assignment is more creative-writing focused, and another requires careful nuancing. Can you spot the imposter?

Read about Stacey’s factors to consider when deciding whether a meeting is necessary in place of an email, short phone call, shared document, etc.

There are mutual benefits to a co-op placement for both the student & the business, even in a complex industry like communications and branding.

Once you have a strategic, encompassing, relevant and stunning brand, it’s time to announce, integrate and celebrate it.

Drawing on all your brand discovery work to-date, it’s time to put a face on your brand through logo concept brainstorming, development & refinement.

An important part of a rebranding is the analysis of findings into a strong strategic guide: the brand framework.

Continue your rebranding (or brand refresh) with an exploration of your organization’s personality, strengths, challenges and opportunities.

Your brand is a compelling thematic and visual identity that is critical for success. Start your strategic, informed and nuanced rebranding (or refreshing) with a Design Audit.

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