Author: Stacey McCarthy

Have you ever had to communicate something unpleasant? Stacey suggests some tips to help it go a bit smoother.

Bold. Modern. Boxy. Open. Friendly. Abstract. Line-y. What do those words mean when it comes to design?

During our strategic planning work at The Letter M we’ve conducted hundreds of phone interviews with contacts here and around the world. Stacey is happy to pass on some hard-learned advice.

The 10 words Stacey finds to be “faddy” catch words and possibly so overused, they may be falling flat.

Why should I hire an agency for design work when I can do it in-house? Stacey answers this question.

Most women have wardrobe staples like a little black dress. Here are the staples that form the basis of concerted marketing.

Stakeholder engagement is an important information-gathering tactic in the development of branding and marketing strategies.

Thousands of your customers have, or will have, disabilities that affect hearing, speaking, reading, writing and understanding. Making your organization fully accessible is a necessary undertaking.

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