Author: Doug MacMillan

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since we first sat down with Michele Mactaggart to explore branding and marketing her new business. Click to see how it’s going.

Our Food Future was complex, challenging and meaningful branding and communications that connected us with our community. Doug shares his experiences working with an incredible team on this transformative project.

Brands captivate us through cherished products, prestige, comfort, values, longevity, or captivating aesthetics. So, we asked our team: what brand do you admire and why? Click through to see their favourites.

HubSpot recently released its annual trends report for 2023. Here are a few highlights we found interesting.

Doug gives us four “lessons learned” that can help pave the way forward for public communicators.

Want to evolve your brand in this new age? Doug offers up things to keep in mind to move forward successfully.

Looking to grow a better business? Doug tells us a better strategy is to start thinking like a charity.

Why rebrand? Doug offers up five very good reasons.

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