AI image fun (and fails)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted at the speed of light across most industries. And it goes beyond simple text generation – it can also create images. As an agency, we pour a lot of time, energy (and heart) into our stellar graphic design. So, we were curious what AI could do for our clients…

One of our clients is a distillery, so I gave an AI generator these instructions: “hands clinking glasses with gin and tonic with raspberries with a blurry background.” Ten seconds later, the images materialized, and my mind was blown. At first. Then: “hold up… what’s going on with that hand!? What’s that blob in the background!?” True, the results gave me what I asked for, but they aren’t particularly creative, one can’t be used at all, and the third would need lots of clean-up to make it truly realistic.

With AI, you can choose filters to create images that are bright and compelling. Using the same instructions as above, but with an ‘art’ filter chosen, these were my results. Again, impressive. And while there are still some oddities, because it’s an illustration those are easily forgiven and maybe even add to the images’ charm. For a client that’s looking for an original cheap-and-cheerful illustration this could definitely fit the bill.

But what happens when you ask AI for something imaginative? Like: “Monkey riding a turtle holding an umbrella and a beer.” The result is instant hilarity with equally odd details. Why is the beer bottle floating in mid-air? Why is the monkey holding the umbrella up with his butt? How bizarre.

But if a client did want something super-unique, eye-catching or humorous, this would work as an alternative to a photoshoot: it would be quite difficult to get a monkey sitting on a turtle holding an umbrella and a beer. With AI, it can be accomplished in seconds.

Yes, AI can be useful in many aspects of marketing from blogging to graphic design. However, it doesn’t take into account a company’s brand identity or cultural values. It can’t replace the knowledge, creativity, and skills of graphic professionals. Without their expertise, your monkey could be stuck holding an umbrella up with his butt. 

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