10 over-used words to avoid in your marketing

Like fashion has its fads and Hollywood its rising stars, marketing frequently falls under the spell of “faddy” catch words. These words are meant to establish a connection or promote your “of-the-moment-ness”, but are used so often, and by so many others, they are more likely to garner an eye roll while falling flat:

  1. Social – You have a Facebook page (or Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram…). We know.
  2. Authentic – As opposed to being fake?
  3. Green – So is everyone else in some way.
  4. Responsible – One would hope so!
  5. Strategic – Just so no one assumes you’re just flying by the seat of your pants. Wait, are you?
  6. Thoughtful – But of course! Your customers value thinking.
  7. Engaged – It’s hard to run your business without connecting with its customers!
  8. Quality – Why? Which of your competitors are promoting a “poor-quality” product/service?
  9. Forward-thinking – Does anyone really like living in the past?
  10. Flexible – This isn’t a unique benefit. It’s a necessity in today’s fast-changing world.

I haven’t suggested alternatives here, although I’m happy to chat them through if you’re interested. But just being aware of these over-used words will allow you to keep an eye out for them in your messaging and materials. Try to find new ways to distinguish yourself more singularly.

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